Monday, April 25 0 comments

The Hail Storm

The weather was pretty wacky today. First the temperature was over 80, which was a first for this year. Then it got windy, cloudy and the temperature dropped 10 degrees.

Then it thundered for a while but never rained. When it finally started to rain, it hailed more than rained. And it was big hail. It was amazing to watch but a little scary to listen to.

I just had to photograph it coming down. I could not believe how large the ice chunks were. I did fear stepping out too far into the storm and having my glasses get hit. That could be serious.

I was worried about our little robin mama sitting on her nest outside my living room window. I hope she and her eggs are safe there. Luckily, the entire ordeal lasted less than a few minutes.

But I still think I will wait to check on robin mama in the morning.

Sunday, April 3 0 comments

The Twins' Birthday Party

My niece's twins turn one this weekend so we drove up to Green Bay to attend their birthday party. It was the first time we got to meet the little sweethearts. They were the happiest babies I've seen in a long time. Not that I'm around many babies these days.

Their names are Morgan and Mallory and they seem content no matter who was holding them. And in a room filled with people, I was quite surprised. It all seemed a little overwhelming to me so their mom is pretty lucky that they have such nice dispositions.

Chloe was thrilled to get to go shopping and she personally picked out their birthday presents. She couldn't wait to be part of the gift opening process.

Since it was such a long drive and the end of the spring break week, we thought we would get a hotel room for the night right down the street from the party.

Chloe and Avery got to spend the evening swimming in the hotel pool and the following morning. They had a blast the entire weekend.

Tuesday, March 22 0 comments

Chloe's Class Field Trip

I got the opportunity to chaperone one of Chloe's field trips - a trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo!

It was great fun. I was responsible for Chloe and one of her classmates and our only assignment was to go out and have fun.

The weather was perfect for a March day. It was in the high 50's and not raining. For March you couldn't ask for any better.

We walked the entire zoo and each of the kids picked out their favorite things at each stop.

I was so glad I got to go.

Thursday, February 18 0 comments

Chloe's Birthday

For Chloe's birthday we had a little party with just a few of us. She was happy to get her Jurassic World dinosaur collection that she had wished for for her birthday.

She had a pretty dress on, but dresses never last on her. She is definitely not the kind of girl who needs frilly things any more. I am glad she is her own person.

She has grown so much. Her permanent teeth are coming in and it doesn't seem that long ago that we didn't think about things like the tooth fairy.
Sunday, January 17 0 comments

Mom's Birthday

We celebrated my mother's 80th birthday yesterday and as always, it is impossible to get photos of her. She hates getting her picture taken and sometimes it's just not worth the fight to try to sneak them. So I must admit that I did not try very hard. However, I do have some photos of my granddaughters. They really like the pet bird, Oreo that resides at my mom's house. So Chloe tried hard to get Oreo to go on her shoulder while Avery hoped the bird would hop on the hat my sister gave her to play with.

Friday, December 25 0 comments


After coming back home late on Christmas Eve we did our gift opening. Miraculously, Santa delivered gifts to our home while we were with the whole family. I just love how he takes care of us on Christmas Eve.

My granddaughters were excited but a little tired. All that play with their cousins got a bit exhausting. My daughter was very excited to see her girls open the packages containing the gift on her daughters' wish lists.

It was a perfect day and I look forward to our Christmas Day dinner here today as well.